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Johnnie Mobley Jr. and Deirdra Mobley are the hosts of Pillow Talk: Moments with the Mobleys. They are happily married and on their podcast they discuss their wins, their missteps and mishaps, and most importantly how God got them through. Though Johnnie is from Savannah, GA and Deirdra is from Hilton Head, SC, they now call Rincon, GA home. They have six adult daughters, three son-in-loves, five grandchildren. “We love God and are a close-knit family."

Counseling came naturally, but podcasting is something new. To prepare for their show they think back on the many moments of their marriage, read relationship material, and also ask couples what information they would like to learn more about. But don’t worry; their show is not a Ben Stein audiobook. The show draws listeners in with charm and transparency. “We just flow like we are at home having a conversation. It is not forced or conjured up. We like to have fun and

enjoy each other.” Their audience loves to laugh with them and feels like they’ve

known them their whole lives.


About ten years ago, the Mobleys discovered that their relationship was more than just a marriage, but a ministry. Johnnie majored in Psychology and began to give advice when asked about relationships. He would share what he and Deirdra had been through and how they overcame it. After several sessions on his own, Johnnie asked Deirdra to join him. She reluctantly agreed, “I had no desire to join him but I am glad I did.” The couples that they have counseled have benefited from hearing from both of their perspectives. They are most rewarded seeing the couples that came to them with struggles, leave better with tools that work for them. The

stronger relationships keep them motivated.


Greetings, Salutations,

    Accolades, & Blessings

The Mobleys met the summer before high school in 1986 and married in 1992. Most people have a preconceived notion that they are boring because they like to “Netflix and chill” but they are actually the furthest thing from it. Growing up together has allowed them to honor and cherish each other. “After so many years of being together, we still make each other a priority, we still like each other and still love spending time together.” Their marriage has not only been the center of their lives but it also has influenced their children. “They applaud us and congratulate us. They tell us often how they truly love the relationship that we have.” The teaching that couples receive at any given session will most certainly be raw and authentic. “It takes tooooo much work to be someone else. We have challenges just like everyone else. We are Christians and try to live like Him, which means being our authentic selves.

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