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Wifey to Wifey 25 Ways to Please Your Husband by Deirdra Mobley

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Moments with the Mobleys

Welcome, MOBstars!

Johnnie & Deirdra Mobley are a fortified couple, bringing you a raw, uncut perspective on marriage, relationship, and intimacy. With honesty and humor, Johnnie and Deirdra will let listeners know that they are not alone in their challenges, but they will make it through together. Since amassing 28+ years of marriage experience, they desire to provide couples with transparent conversations to equip them to overcome present and future obstacles. The Mobleys wish to empower you in three ways – as individuals, as couples, and as families.

An Ordinary Couple with

an Extraordinary Purpose

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The GPS of a Man's Journey By Johnnie Mobley Jr.
Women Healed & Whole Testaments from Survivors
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It is clear that you two are purposed for this! I'm sold!  You couldn't pay me to miss an episode!


I listen to relationship podcasts all the time, but there is something special about THIS one!!


As a man, this podcast has given me the words and tools to communicate my emotions to my wife. This has definitely been helpful in strengthening our marriage.

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Pooler, GA 31322, USA

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